Simple Definition of phenomenal

  • >: very good or great : unusual in a way that is very impressive

**Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary**

This is truly the only word strong enough to describe Marc Benno’s recent appearance at the Texas Musician’s Museum in Irving, Texas.

I won’t spend a lot of time telling you about Marc Benno’s lengthy career because you can Google it,

but I will tell you he is a Texas born Grammy Award Winning, multi-talented musician.

Marc is the man who recorded with the “Doors” on L.A. Woman, co-wrote and recorded two albums with Leon Russell, played side guitar with Mance Lipscomb and “Lightnin” Hopkins, gave S.R.V. his first ticket to Hollywood and won a Grammy for a Beverly Hills Cop sound track song.

Now, that’s quite a list of accomplishments, but add one more to that. He is also an author. That’s right. He has written an autobiography titled, The Road to L.A. Woman.

He had books with him at the Texas Musicians Museum which he signed for buyers prior to his performance.

Jackie Don Loe, Joe D-Angelo, James Kirk Hampton and David Johnsen backed Marc during his performance and the music was magical with Marc and Jackie Don trading guitar licks on Hoochie Coochie Mama and a myriad of other blues greats. There are some videos posted on Jackie Don’s Facebook page if you  missed the live show.


However, the icing on the cake — the most moving and memorable part of the night was the unveiling of a Marc Benno display inside the museum. How often in life does an artist actually get the chance to participate in such a personal tribute to their work? Most of the time, recognition for their talent is given after they have passed on. But, to have the opportunity now and at this point in life and Marc’s career, was in his words, “an honor.”  It is much like getting flowers while you are still here to enjoy them.

But, add the fact that many of Marc’s family were there to celebrate this historic event with him and you have a truly monumental occasion. He revealed that his book started out simply as a letter to his daughter. Like so many road musicians, he was gone for the most part of her growing-up life. But, she was present for the unveiling along with her husband and children, standing on Marc’s left.

I say this at the end of every blog I post here on the Texas Musicians Museum website, but I will say it again and again. If you haven’t taken time to drive, or if you don’t want to drive, take the train, Uber or a cab and go to the real Texas Musicians Museum in downtown Irving, Texas! The music is always extraordinary. The food is delicious and the atmosphere unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere.

If you are interested in ordering a copy of Marc Benno’s autobiography, you can find it on Amazon

To find out more about Marc, please take time to visit his website at