One of the things you can count on at the Texas Musicians Museum in downtown Irving, Texas is live shows with versatile talented performers every time!

On April 9th, Memo Gonzalez and the Ozdemirs direct from Germany demonstrated this on a stellar level.

Memo, himself is actually from Texas but is an internationally acclaimed performer along with the Ozdemirs from Germany. He is a true showman and knows what his audience wants.

As one one concert goer commented, “He’s a big boy, but very confident on stage and uses his body with moves to give the crowd excitement.”

Before the show ended, he had everyone laughing, people were dancing and generally having too much fun in the outdoor music garden at the museum. He has been called 300 pounds of Tex-Mex dynamite and that is what he brought to the show.

Memo has been quoted as saying, “We ain’t no juke box. We want to leave our own imprint on the music”. I think everyone who attended the show on April 9th at the Texas Musicians Museum would agree with that statement as he belted out his own unique version of R&B tunes.

Offstage, Memo was friendly and relaxed. He said it was a sort of homecoming for him since lots of his classmates, family and friends came to see him perform.

The Ozdemirs, who accompanied Memo, are a very talented band of a dad and two sons from Germany. Dad, Erkan, plays bass, son, Levant plays drums and Kenan  is a genius on the guitar.

When asked about his impression of the museum and the show, Erkan expressed his excitement about all of it. He loved the displays and couldn’t say enough about the music garden as well as the staff at the museum helped them set up and prepare for the show.

Memo promises a return concert perhaps next year when they do another US tour!

So the next time you are looking for unique and versatile entertainment to fill your evening, your first stop should be at the Texas Musicians Museum at 222 E. Irving Blvd. Irving, Texas.

Check out the amazing displays while you are there, have a cold beer or glass of wine and enjoy!