Angela Buffington is a regular visitor to the Texas Musicians Museum and its awesome music events. This is a guest blog by her. Enjoy!!

I have been asked to blog a story everyday about the phenomenal Jackie Don Loe and The Texas Musician Museum, leading up to Jackie Don Loe’s Birthday Extravaganza on June 3rd, which I was happy to do since I think both are just fantastic!

Day two of the countdown to the Jackie Don Loe Birthday Extravaganza on June 3rd, at The Texas Musician Museum.

When I think about TMM Irving and the music of Jackie Don Loe it makes me think of the following famous quote.

“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”
― Maria Augusta von Trapp

The Texas Musican Museum has the magic key that opens your mind to the rich music history that Texas has.

On any given day you can take a tour through the Museum and see all the artifacts from Texas Musician.

TMM is a place where memorabilia and art are preserved for the public to be see. A visit to a TMM imparts your knowledge about the rich musical culture Texas has.

When you visit a museum, what makes you feel like you’ve gotten more than you expected?

Personally speaking, it’s usually one of two things:

1. The staff being super helpful and taking time to tell you things about an exhibition you wouldn’t have picked up on by just looking at the exhibits;

2. When it is evident the curator has taken time to compile an exhibition which really paints an informative, personable and well-rounded picture of the age/person/event that’s in question.

Essentially, if I walk out of the museum and feel I’ve been told a story and, what’s more *understood* everything and its significance to the bigger picture, then I’m a very happy visitor who got more than they expected.

That’s how you feel when you leave out of TMM Irving!

Every weekend you get you get 5 Star music acts at TMM Irving, like Jackie Doe Loe!!!

The music events are free, TMM Irving asked for donations to help with the superb acts that they bring to the stage each week.

So we need to see you at TMM Irving more often!

Remember be a better you!